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Dunoon, Scotland


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Tacit-Tacit is on a mission to create enterprising solutions that contribute to #positivegrowth

Enterprise is important, but so are People and the Environment. Through sharing our knowledge of sustainable design, marketing and social innovation, we aim to help people achieve their enterprise goals whilst creating value in their communities.

Tacit-Tacit is based in Dunoon, a small town on Scotland's west coast with a lot going on. The company was established in 2018 by Hannah Clinch, a designer and researcher with a back ground in social enterprise and community development.

Work with us

Tacit-Tacit works flexibly with a diverse range of clients to support enterprise development and communications using creative tools. Typically our clients are individuals and small enterprises, but we also work with public sector organisations and community based initiatives to develop and deliver projects.

Some examples of our clients and their needs:

  • individual freelancers developing existing or new services

  • entrepreneurs looking to communicate their product or service offer more effectively using digital platforms

  • small businesses needing bespoke design input to enhance digital communications or services

  • community based initiatives looking for support to develop a new enterprise idea

  • regeneration initiatives wanting support to carry out consultations

  • social enterprises looking to increase sales by repositioning their offer

  • organisations wanting a new visual identity for a service, event or their brand

  • researchers wanting help to develop creative consultation exercises

We love what you are saying, how can we work with you?

Working with us starts with a conversation.  You define your needs and your enterprise goals and we listen to understand how we can help you within your budget and timescale.

For short pieces of work, such as one off design jobs such a poster or a logo this can be done through a conversation and email.

If you want to discuss anything with us you are welcome to book a free 30 min design consultation.


  • Instagram - Black Circle
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