Dunoon & Cowal Co-works

creating a home for work

Dunoon and Cowal Co-works is a community initiative that aims to support small enterprises, freelancers and home based workers situated on this rural, Scottish, west coast peninsula.


By talking to a diverse range of local people developing their own work opportunities in this context, we have identified an amazing array of hidden enterprise activity across Cowal.


We have also identified where people want and need a bit more support to develop work opportunities.


Issues such as a lack of access to childcare, a sense of professional isolation, a lack of affordable meeting space, limited access to basic printing facilities are all barriers to people being able to get on and work here.

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By bringing a diverse range of enterprising people together through events, meet-ups and collaborative action we aim to create an inclusive co-working community in Dunoon and Cowal.



Welcome to the Dunoon and Cowal co-work survey

 About the research 

This research has been initiated by people who live in Dunoon and Cowal; local people who want to see their enterprise community thrive through the development of quality Co-working facilities and locally focused enterprise support.


The research will be used to inform the development of a Co-working concept that is accessible to local freelance workers, small & social enterprise and (potentially) visitors to the area.

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 Who is conducting the research?

The research is being conducted by the Dunoon and Cowal Co-work project. This is a group of local people with an interest in developing the idea of a co-work facility. The group is supported by Dunoon Burgh Hall, the Argyll wide Cultural Heritage and Arts assembly known as CHArts and the Co-work Accelerator Network. Collectively the group is known as the Dunoon and Cowal Co-work project. The research is being co-ordinated by Hannah Clinch of Tacit-Tacit, a Dunoon based design and research agency.

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 What is co-working?

For the purposes of the project we are defining a Co-work facility as a shared, managed work space, providing desk space, internet access, meeting space, kitchen facilities and access to tools and equipment that support enterprise growth. This includes training/CPD sessions. Access to the Co-working space is charged for, but charges are affordable to the user community and help sustain the facility.


The Co-work facility might be in a central location or be in a number of managed, locations across Cowal. This research will help us to understand the potential demand and how to take the idea forward. 

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Do I need to fill out a survey to take part in the co-work research?

The survey will take an estimated 10 minutes to complete. It is designed to provide the Dunoon Co-work project with comparable data to inform the next stage of the research. However, we recognise that  not everyone wants to spend time completing surveys. If you support the idea of a Cowal and Dunoon Co-work facility and want to input you are welcome to simply contact us to share your thoughts via email or Facebook

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 Take Part!?

Yes, but before you do please take a minute to understand the Dunoon and Cowal Co-Work Project Privacy Notice. You can read our policy here. This outlines our commitment to handling your personal data with respect and care.

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