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Dunoon, Scotland


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Research: Dunoon + Cowal co-works 

In larger towns and cities, co-working spaces have become part of the enterprise infrastructure.

Tacit-Tacit is investigating how co-working spaces could be developed to meet the needs of micro enterprises and freelance workers based in rural Cowal, Argyll.

Managed, subdivided office and studios provide an affordable, accessible space for the growing number of self-employed, freelance workers and micro enterprises.


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Co-working spaces have arisen out of a change in the way we structure and engage with work. Technology makes remote working possible and reduces the need for the traditional office, but this results in people working in isolation.


In a rural context, people do a diverse range of jobs from home. They make a living and work flexibly but in effect they are hidden from view. This situation can limit their enterprise opportunities and effect their personal well-being.

With the support of CHArts and Dunoon Burgh Hall, Tacit-Tacit is looking at how co-working facilities could be developed to meet the needs of the enterprise community living in the rural context of Dunoon and Cowal.

Contact to find out more about this research or attend a meetup. Click her more info about these events.

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