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Dunoon, Scotland


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Research: bring back play on west bay 


West Bay Dunoon

West Bay Esplanade is a 1000 meters of promenade, flanking the shore line of the river Clyde

The bay has a rich cultural history related to the town’s growth as a holiday destination. Historically it provided a space for recreation and play for locals and visitors. A Lido and boat hire services meant that people had opportunities to enjoy the sea and the stunning surroundings.


West Bay is still used today, but a decline in tourism and years of neglect have left area feeling a little unloved and disconnected from the town.

To understand how the space can be renewed as a place of play and enjoyment for all, we are working with  local people including Kids at West Bay (a parent led play group), to develop a series of fun interventions. These are designed to examine how the play can be redesigned into West Bay.