Tacit Tacit facilitates co-design projects to support community development & place-making

co-design & placemaking projects  result in products, services, experiences, events, exhibitions, digital content and publications designed for and with the community

Sustainable, inclusive communities develop when resources are designed to work for everyone equitably. Tacit Tacit deploys inclusive research and design processes to understand the cultural, social and environmental assets of place from a community perspective. We then use research insights to co-design and create inspiring outcomes to support place-making.

Co-design projects result in a wide range of outcomes including new or improved products and services, new experiences, enterprises, events, exhibitions, digital content and publications.

Tacit Tacit emerged from community-based enterprise advocacy. We continue to believe that local people should be involved in the development of their communities. We draw on this experience to help our clients contribute to the prosperity of their communities through placemaking. 


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