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People of place

Dunoon high street


archival research / community research through interviews exhibition design / design and developmment of an online archive

Research and co-design to bring high street heritage to life

Argyll and Bute Council launched the Conservation and Regeneration Scheme to identify and implement strategic investments in the preservation of historic townscapes. Tacit-Tacit was engaged to lead a co-design process that would reclaim the fascinating but forgotten narratives of Dunoon’s high street shopkeepers. 

In collaboration with community-based partners, Tacit-Tacit implemented a unique research and design approach called People of Place, which is specifically designed to engage multiple partners and members of the community in the collation of historic research.

Our work began with an archival study of individuals from the community’s past and matching these characters to artefacts, formal records and the high street shops that physically connected them to the town’s historic town centre. 

This process contributed to a series of design interventions that culminated in Shop Keepers of Dunoon Heritage Trail. This week-long exhibition saw a dozen local businesses showcase historic objects and informational signage in carefully crafted shop window displays.

To nurture public engagement with the Trail, Tacit-Tacit produced integrated promotional assets, including an illustrated map, a full exhibition guide and engaging public signage. 

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