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Top dunoon film festival

Dunoon, Argyll


design and facilitation of public engagement activities / design of promotional materials / data collation and analysis / digital content development

engaging new audiences with film through research and creative approaches to public engagement  

Dunoon Film Festival is an annual event providing a platform for film enthusiasts and film makers. Tacit-Tacit worked closely with festival organisers to carry out audience research across the wider community, with the goal of understanding how to engage new and excluded audiences with the festival program and widen participation.


To dig deep we facilitated creative workshops and designed research interventions to reach new audiences living in remote and disadvantaged communities. Data from research was collated, analysed and presented to the organiser’s to inform the ongoing development of the festival.

Tacit Tacit also created marketing material and bespoke street level interventions to amplify the presence of the festival at a local level. 

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