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Tacit Tacit designs enterprising solutions that contribute to #positivegrowth

about Tacit Tacit

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Tacit Tacit was established in 2018 by designer and sustainable development consultant Hannah Clinch. The company specialises in the application of design and co-design processes that result in products and services that improve social impact, reduce environmental harm and nurture inclusivity.

Our roots in community-based enterprise and the circular economy, mean we're committed to environmentally and socially responsible economic growth. Today, we share our knowledge of sustainable design with a wide range of businesses, a challenge to mainstream enterprise practices that are harmful to our communities and environment.

design for #positivegrowth

By championing inclusivity, improving the circulation of resources and eliminating harmful practices through design, Tacit Tacit nurtures a future where socially responsible economic growth is normal. We call this #positivegrowth and situate this at the heart of all work undertaken by Tacit Tacit.


Whether yours is a successful SME, independant worker, a social enterprise, cultural heritage organisation or charity, Tacit Tacit supports people to utilise design. We want to help grow a more diverse enterprise ecosystem in Scotland through this work, so we share our expertise in design, participatory research and enterprise support with collaborators, clients and our community.


our services

our design services

design and digital services to help independant and social enterprises grow

  • Visual communication for print and digital

  • Web and Ecommerce solutions

  • Digital strategy

  • Product and service design

design with communities to explore people, place, environment and culture

  • Public engagement with heritage and place

  • Community engagement through co-design

  • Exhibitions and digital content development to promote heritage and place 

  • Co-creation of visual and digital assets

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