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The People of Place

 a new service that explores places through understanding the people who have lived and worked in them

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People make culture and history happen, but not everyone's contribution is remembered and celebrated in the same way.

People of Place is a creative service that uses research and local knowledge to identify hidden cultural narratives in communities.


A ready tool for consultation and design, People of Place helps amplify your community’s unique story.



How it works



We explore your place using ethnographic and participatory research methods. i.e we talk to people, visit and gather information about local cultural, social, economic and environmental assets.



Working closely with heritage stakeholders, we complete a critical review of cultural archives and artefacts. We also tap into the knowledge exclusive to local people through public consultations and participatory research activities.This is how we find out about local people whose contribution has been overlooked.


Co - design

We then work with you to co-design creative ways to tell the story and engage wider audiences with your people. This might be through designing exhibitions, events, signage or creating visual and digital resources.



We promote your People. We work with you to create opportunities for local people and visitors to engage with the story of your community through marketing and wider marketing activities.

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"By focusing on the heritage of place through people, the service supports communities to highlight hidden local heroines and heroes, in all their diversity"

 Dunoon's People of Place project:

the shop keepers heritage trail

People of Place is a powerful way to address inequalities in the narratives that shape our communities. Do you have a story to tell? Contact us to find out how to use People of Place in your next regeneration project.

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