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Image credit: Kevin Taylor and family

'We are building a beach hut' is a new project to develop a prototype beach hut for West Bay, Dunoon, with your help.

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Seasonal beach huts were a common feature of Scottish, seaside towns and villages including Dunoon and Kirn. West Bay, in Dunoon, housed over 20, timber beach huts in the late 1950s. They were used by people running boat and fishing hires.


A decline in tourist numbers to the area, from the 60s onwards, led to the demise of these structures on the shore, and the closure of the businesses they housed. 


With increased numbers of people using West Bay for swimming and recreation, is it time to bring beach huts back to Dunoon?

If beach huts did return to West Bay, how do we design and manage them in a way that is useful to our community?


With the threat of sea level rise and more severe weather, how do we design a beach hut that is resilient and responsive to the changes in climate we are starting to experience in Argyll?


What does the beach hut look like? What is it made from? Who owns it and maintains it? Who pays for it? How does it benefit local people and add to the visitor experience of Dunoon? Where do we locate it, so it doesn't negatively impact on beach biodiversity? Is the quality of the water on West Bay safe to swim in anyway?


We have so many questions and we hope to answer them by going through a process of designing and building a prototype beach hut for West Bay, with your help.


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1. Research : Oct - May 2022

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The first stage of the project involves research. We want to work with people to create a Green Map of West Bay, as this will help us get a really good understanding of the physical context and social history of the area.


Green Maps help collate, sort and visualise information about nature, society and culture in one place. You can find out more about Green Mapping here>

Research updates

Things we have done in our community to gather information about beach huts and West Bay

Join in!

Activities that you can take part in to support the beach hut project

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Traditional Skills Workshops May /June / July 2022

5 free, practical workshops led by local boat builder Ben Neville in which you will help build sections of a prototype beach hut for West Bay.

Workshops are open to anyone living in Dunoon, over 18.

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Contribute stories & images to the Green Map of West Bay

If you live and work along West Bay, or use it a place for walking, swimming and playing, or have memories and images of West Bay that we could add to the Green Map, we would love to hear from you.

Community Building

An new exhibition featuring the work of young designers and makers from Dunoon Grammar school and members of our community.

Opening event: Wed 22nd June, 4pm-6pm

at the POP Shop, Dunoon

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Schedule a Green Map walk or share your thoughts on beach huts and West Bay

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Come see us


The POP shop will be open throughout the project from October 20th.


Members of the design team are based in the shop.

Our daily opening times in October are TBC, but if you see us, POP in!

28 Hillfoot Street, PA23 7DS

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This project is a collaboration between the Dunoon based POP shop collective - a locally based multidisciplinary design team, co-ordinated by Tacit Tacit, Dunoon Area Alliance, the Dunoon CARS project  with help from Green Map and RIAS

The project is funded by Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly, Argyll and Isles (CHARTS) as part of their Evolve Arts and Tourism programme, with in-kind support from project partners