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creating a home for work

Dunoon & Cowal Co-works

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Keep in touch with other local workers in our community

#freelancers #home-basedenterprises #smallbusinesses  #femaleentrepreneurs

Submit your name, email and a bit about what you do to join the Dunoon and Cowal Co-works virtual office space via Slack.

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Dunoon and Cowal Co-works is a community initiative set up to support freelancers, home-based workers and enterprising people based in Dunoon & Cowal. We do this through faciliating meet-ups, socials, learning events and online co-working.

By bringing people together, Dunoon and Cowal Co-works aims develop a stronger peer to peer support network to support a diverse range of people living and working remotely.




#freelancers #home-basedenterprises #smallbusinesses  #femaleentrepreneurs

No upcoming events at the moment

We are in the process of developing our website.

Feel free to contact us or join our Facebook group.

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A collaborative project

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