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Dunoon, Argyll


Visual ID / Promotional assets / co-creation / digital content development

Promoting cultural heritage through storytelling and audience engagement

Dunoon Burgh Hall played an important role in the development of its local community. Originally built as a multi-purpose entertainment and administration facility in the 1870s, the Hall fell into disrepair in the late 20th century. Recently, this beautiful Victorian structure was restored through an extraordinary public intervention. Now the home of cultural events and creative education for the people of Dunoon, the Hall acts as an important centre point for the community.

Tacit-Tacit worked closely with stakeholders from the Hall to produce a range of promotional content that enhanced the visibility of its events, which ranges from exhibitions and workshops to large-scale events like the annual Dunoon Film Festival and the Tate’s Artist Rooms.

To nurture long-term public interest in the preservation of the Hall, Tacit-Tacit led a volunteer team through in-depth archival research and a review of material artefacts. The goal was to identify resources that could illustrate the history of the Hall in ways that enhance its cultural significance.


This resulted in the creation of the Dunoon Burgh Hall Chronicles. This ongoing publication draws on the Hall’s known and newly discovered histories and that of the people, events and objects that make it a special piece of Dunoon’s heritage. 

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