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#SecondHandSeptember and the dear green place

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

It is mid way through #SecondHandSeptember - a national campaign designed to encourage people to shop sustainably. It is a great idea and one that galvanises the community reuse sector and charity shops and promotes their vital work.

Collectively these enterprises provide a practical way for people to reuse clothing, electrical items, bikes, carpet, timber, furniture, IT equipment and more. They tackle poverty by making these items available to people at affordable prices and provide an amazing array of volunteer and training opportunities.

The Dear Green Place: Glasgow Green Map to Resue

Back in 2005 I led and co-ordinated a Green Mapping initiative in Glasgow called Dear Green Place: A Glasgow Guide to Reuse. The project resulted in an A3 pull out Green Map designed by Franki Finch of Finch and Fouracre. The publication was developed in collaboration with members of Glasgow's Electron Club, who created an online version of the map. It was a challenging project. At the time no one had pulled together comprehensive data about the city's reuse sector and presented it in an accessible format.

Over 10,000 copies of the map were printed across 2 editions, with funding from Glasgow City Council and a local collective of community reuse projects called Glasgow Community Recycling Forum.

The map featured over 130 high street reuse opportunities from across the city. Ten years on many of them have continued to thrive in the Dear Green Place including: Glasgow Wood Recycling, The Local Charity Shop, Starter Pack, Spruce Carpets, the Common Wheel and many, many more.

The Glasgow Green Map initiative came to an end in 2006. However, it remains a great example of how communication design, research and creativity can develop something that

promotes sustainable consumption.

Tacit-Tacit is lucky enough to be working with ApparelXchange a new social enterprise focused on school uniform reuse and providing young people with affordable alternatives to fast fashion. We think they are an enterprise oozing #positivegrowth and know that in ten years time their approach to tackling climate change will still be about!

Spreading #positivegrowth find out more about :

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