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Dunoon Forward

Over the next few months Tacit Tacit will be busy creating engaging content for a new digital walking and cycling guide to the Dunoon area, to highlight the fascinating heritage of place. The guide will be accessible via an App, and will be designed to encourage people to explore this stunning area by bike and on foot.

We are designing the content for a heritage themed App that will take people on a series of guided walks and cycles around Dunoon, Kirn, Hunter's Quay, Sandbank and Bullwood. The App, with the working title of Dunoon Forward, has been commissioned by Argyll and Bute Council, with funding from Transport Scotland through the Paths for All Smarter Choices Smarter Place programme and in-kind support from the Dunoon Area Alliance, Dunoon Cycling Bothy and the Dunoon CARs initiative. The content is being developed by our locally based design team which includes archaeologist and digital engagement expert Manda Forster of Digventures; Mike Blanco of local start-up Sure Shot Film; and Tom Warren of Collective Architecture. The team is co-ordinated by designer Hannah Clinch, Creative Director of Tacit Tacit, who will be working closely with local people and organisations to create content that highlights the unique character of the place. The App will interpret more than 50 data points, ranging from locally and nationally significant sites to lost lidos, local shops, historic architecture and monuments.

Importantly, the project will support the work of local heritage organisations, such as the Castle House Museum and the American Years Revisited project, by signposting users to further sources of information. By highlighting how you can tour the area by bike and on foot the project aims to promote a more sustainable approach to community regeneration and tourism.

You can join in! Later in 2021 Tacit Tacit will be inviting local people to test the App's content and to help us develop a marketing strategy to promote the guide. We need your help to ensure that the App is accessible and that it works towards the area's regeneration.

If you have questions or would like to contribute to the project then please contact


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