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The people of place

Stories about the lives of people are fascinating, sometimes humbling, sometimes tear inducing but always, always interesting. Our slight obsession with community heritage and people centered narratives has led to an experimental project called the #peopleofplace.

Image above: Street signage on Argyll Street, to support wider community engagement with the exhibition.

Over the last 6 month Tacit-Tacit has been working with a local regeneration initiative called Dunoon CARS, the brilliant community run Castle House Museum and local people to collate person centered narratives about the people of Dunoon. We have used archive material, artifacts and participatory research processes to gather data from multiple sources and perspectives.

To date the project has resulted in an exhibition along the high street telling the stories of local shops keepers across 200 years of trading.

Image above: installation in Dunoon Property window telling the story of Gregor and Ellen Harkness

We have also been looking at to use these place based stories by creating pop up heritage interpretation signs. Local Illustrator Walter Newton devised this character for the project.

Robert Bryden pop-up sign
Robert Bryden pop-up sign

The sign is inspired by the story of Robert Bryden, who was the architect of Dunoon Burgh Hall. Over the next few months Robert Bryden will be making appearances around the town. Watch out for him!

Robert Bryden pop-up sign
Robert Bryden pop-up sign


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