Tacit Tacit has some great news to share

For the past few years we have been exploring how to make a positive contribution to our local community through our design and research practice.

With collaborators, we have invested resources into the development of our services, taking time to explore what growth looks like for us. We have initiated research into inequalities within freelance and home-based employment and tested out new approaches to micro enterprise support. In addition, we have nurtured collaborations with a variety of community stakeholders to highlight hidden heritage narratives that enrich the local and visitor experience of place.

Like all businesses we have had to think hard as we move into a new phase of global challenge & change. Tacit Tacit is committed to #positivegrowth and to meet this commitment we feel our businesses needs a stronger public presence in our home town of Dunoon.

So, we are opening a new shop premises in Dunoon. The shop will provide work space to complimentary design businesses and play host to events and exhibitions that support public engagement with design and sustainable development.

The shop is called the POP Shop, POP being the People Of Place - a strand of our research that has led us to make fizzy Pop amongst other heritage products.

Work has already started on fitting out the shop and all being well it will be ready by November 2020.

But best of all......even before the interior of the shop is complete, we have the privilege of showcasing the work of local illustrator and animator Walter Newton in the window of the POP shop.

Walter has an extensive knowledge of gaming heritage and digital communications. This interest has inspired a collection of prints, animations and the creation of D-fax, a Ceefax inspired communication channel for Dunoon.

The exhibition can be viewed safely from the shop front of 28 Hillfoot St, Dunoon, PA23 7DS. Free, 24 hours a day until October 4th.

The exhibition is part of Microbytes, an iniative that aims to evolve a community of support around local businesses, delivered in partnership with the Dunoon Area Alliance, Argyll and Bute Council, Dunoon Presents and the Scottish Town's Partnership.

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