Think global, map local: new digital tools for community map makers

Over the last 8 months Tacit Tacit has been testing Open Green Map 2, a new platform designed to support sustainable community development

The online mapping platform has been initiated by Green Map System (GMS), a not-for-profit based in New York, and in collaboration with the GIS collective. The goal of the project is to give all communities access to ethical, online community mapping tools.

Since 1997 designer Wendy Brawer, founder of GMS, has been co-ordinating Green Mapping projects in over 64 countries. This work has resulted in the production of thousands of local Green maps. Green Maps use a unique icon system to help people chart sustainable resources, community assets and challenges at a local level.

Akin to the ethos behind Open Source software development, the co-creation of Green Mapping tools has involved multiple cycles of user testing; people feeding their experiences and their refinements to design tools that work for a diverse range of people and places.

The Open Green Map 2 platform makes these tools and the process of making a local map digitally easier than ever.

We have been testing the platform, which uses Open Street Map's base map, by creating digital Green Maps in our local area. We are working with the Dunoon Area Alliance on a Work on the move map (not yet published) and have also produced a simple heritage trail called the See you in Dunoon postcard trail, which explores the coastline of Dunoon and Kirn and evidences some of the changes that have taken place across the area through these images.

Nine postcards have been installed in locations along the shoreline from Kirn to Westbay, creating a walkable / cyclable trail. These views have also been charted onto the Open Green Map.

You can see the online See you in Dunoon Postcard trail here>


If you want to know more about Green Mapping then go to their website here>

Also, you can see our talk on Green Mapping delivered as part of the Creative Carbon's Green Tease event in conjunction with Architecture and Design Scotland

An image from the See you in Dunoon postcard trail, Westbay

See you in Dunoon Postcard trail and Green Map, Westbay

Digital Green Map: See you in Dunoon Postcard trail